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White Brush Strokes


A Series of paintings and soft sculpture 2017-2019

Polly Alice's #Timesup collection includes The Twelve Freedoms for Women pieces featured in her 2019 Women's History Month Showings. She began painting abstract, female figures in 2017 looking to create work that speaks to the small, everyday rights women are often denied. Her observations led her to conclude that women who sought these personal freedoms were often abused or labeled “dangerous.”  Alice recalls spent time in food lines for 'single mothers' during the recession, working various jobs of all kinds, and experiencing pervasive, subtle, but no less destructive, forms of oppression.  "I’ve been to the domestic violence center as a patient while still not believing I’d ever experienced violence. I didn’t know that being denied certain freedoms was a form of nonphysical or emotional violence. I’ve had struggles just like everyone, but now I’d like to use my art to demonstrate the journey of healing and empowerment."  In particular, she sees a tremendous need for women to find their freedom to have creative and empowering careers in leadership and the arts. It's not about women, it's about the nature of the individual to be allowed to celebrate and experience the more “feminine” values: "intuition over logic, relationship over dominance, collaboration over force, process over goals and emotion over thought."

Polly Alice McCann, Author

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