Thank You Notes from Friends


I've kept all these notes from friends. They mean so much to me and maybe they will help give examples of what I've done in the past.

 Polly Alice Artist-- this painting freedom to fly is a soulful capturing of a creative woman lost in what she’s doing and I appreciate that rendition of femininity and the colors are vivid and lively.



Polly, it was a pleasure to meet you and work through this process together. I really appreciate your time and dedication to my "young budding artist" :-) Your style of interaction was just perfect for her, and I think she learned a few things. I'm very happy with the revisions you inspired.

JT, Mother of Elementary Age Poetry Student, 

Society of Young Inklings

Thanks to you and my lessons on dreams when I had a dream the other night it gave me three ideas for my drawings! Thank you!

Teen art student,


Thank you so much! I enjoyed our conversation. I'm looking forward to going deeper into the dreams. Thanks for sharing you knowledge and experience. You have a gift!

Dreamwork Student,

A Parker

Polly Alice McCann is an incredible artist. I purchased this piece for my sister, Vicki, for Christmas. It reminded me of our mom back in the day. Thank you Polly! My sister loved it. I do too! 

B Long


Polly Alice McCann’s work is delightfully creative! I am the proud owner of the original canvas painting "Curiously Strong," I hung it in my Wellness Office, and every day this painting reminds me to stay on this path doing my life's work!

Polly Alice McCann is amazing she is helping me with my personal business logo and brochure... Wow wow is all I can say.. I knew she would get me when I met her... Thank you 

Karen S. Carmack

Anahata Wholehearted Wellness

Thank you!!!! I love my Polly Alice McCann original. 

V Greenough


Polly Alice McCann's colorful art will be hanging at the Rosalynn Gallery during September's First Friday! Come out to enjoy the art and meet Polly! #firstfridaykc #FirstFriday #datenight #colorfulart

Rosalynn Gallery

We're thrilled to be showing this beautiful piece from Polly Alice McCann alongside so many other great works during the month of February as part of the Renaissance 12:21 show.

Four Chapter Gallery

We know that in the art world, when we are doing art for the right reasons, there is no competition! There is enough for each of us because no other person has our voice or can create our art the way we each can.

I have watched artists grow, expand and push themselves to be the best they can be! They work hard, unrelenting because they have a voice, a message, a thought that they must get out. That they must have heard. And above all...no matter what, they don’t give up!

Thank you to our original cofounders, Polly McCann and Tessa Elwood...who along with myself started Paper Birch Landing this time last year.

Heather Collinsworth

Gallery Owner

The artists of the "Grafik" Show, honoring our poet laureate of the year Juan Felipe Herrera and speak to issues of our time-love-healing and acceptance, are Brew Lamb of Spaceship Zulu Ltd., Blake Mitchell Blake Blake Van Vleck, Heather Collinsworth of Heather Collinsworth Fine Art, Michael Phelps of Michael Phelps and John Crum and curated by Polly Alice McCann of New Thing Art Studio.

Paper Birch Landing Gallery

Polly: the portrait you did ... was just fabulous. We've had the photo for years, but as a photo, it just sat in a box. You brought her to life for us. Her eyes, her expression; you captured the essence of her perfectly. It just makes me feel good to look at it. I could not be more pleased. It was even more than I had hoped for. Thank you so much!

Barb E.

I commissioned Polly to create 3 pieces for me and my family. Her work was stunning and completed before the time she said she would have it completed. Polly has my Highest Recommendation!

B Long

I just want to tell you that the insight that you shared at the conference... has profoundly changed my life. I am still pondering that concept and it's having a deep ripple effect through all areas of my life. I am eternally grateful. THANK YOU!!!

Nanci, Expressionist Artist

Mostly people think of Santa as a jolly old soul, and a spirit of kindness, but in today's story we are asked to consider what exactly it would be like to be married to someone that devoted to their work. The answer? It is not pretty. Many thanks to our writer today: Polly Alice McCann!

Orrin Hanratty

What a group! The girls had a blast! Thanks Polly Alice McCann and Happy birthday Meg!

Art Birthday Party, Hostess

A Sisk

So Shana was surprised with her Mothers Day early! Commissioned Polly McCann to do the Artwork. Thank you Polly! S loves them.

B Long

Portrait Commission

I sent Polly one of my favorite pictures from my wedding. I was amazed at how well she turned that photograph into a work of art! The colors are so vibrant, the details are so realistic, and everyone that sees it admires it. The painting hangs proudly in our living room ... This painting was one of my most appreciated wedding gifts, and it truly takes us back to the joy of that day.

Mandy-- wedding portrait

Thank you for filling our display case with your beautiful art! Your work is so vibrant and eye-catching! We are so glad that you are helping to promote Access Arts and that we get to share your talents with the community. Thanks again,

Melissa S.

Woodneath Library Center

I so enjoyed your visit to our classroom. The kids spend a lot of time writing in school, but you gave them a glimpse of what the life of a writer is like. Your presentation was excellent, and I appreciate your time and effort to visit us...

J.G., Public School Teacher

Thank you for joining our panel for the discussion on creativity. Everyone really enjoyed the discussion!

Debra McArthur

AAUW Member, Author

In writers group the other night, I got to share what you taught me about . . . filtering the story through unnecessary language, creating distance between the reader and the experience . . . . No one could tell him exactly what he did to keep us at arm's length. I got to share with them what you taught me, and a light bulb when off in many peoples' heads.

Renee L., Writer

"You made art fun.... We want to tell you that you will always be on our mind, and everything we look at, some that we made while you were with us. It will bring back good memories. Memories of you helping us and telling us to not make a big mess...we will always cherish your kindness and the impact you have had on our life. You're a heaven-sent blessing to us. Love,

Art 1 Students Shawnee, KS

Thank you so much for the great pet portrait. I love it and will always treasure it. Thanks for sharing your talent!


Thank you Polly! For coming to share good fellowship around the table and open up the wide world of possibility in poetry! Thanks for your time and a glimpse into your passionate artist heart! And for the yummy brownies!

Lana B., Writer


Dear Mrs. McCann thank you for coming and sharing your "poums".

Dario, Kindergartener

I wanted to personally thank you for the beautiful collage you made me for my retirement. It is absolutely fabulous. It is beautiful it is creative...and I loved the way you arranged it...I'm putting it up in my living room, so that every morning I can see it... I thank you for all the work and time you spent on it. Please continue with your artwork, you have the gift."

Connie U, Art Teacher

. . . the hearts she made for Valentine's Day were put to good use. I wrote "Thank you" on each one and handed them out to the hospital staff at the VA in Leavenworth. Also gave a few to vets who were there. Got a couple teary-eyed hugs from them. :)

Lisa L., Librarian

Somewhere, someone should be listening to Polly tell a story. . .

Sara P., Librarian