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Inspired from the Widow's Dress in the First Nations exhibit at the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art, this series of seven dresses will be in pieced canvas and fabric with my poetry and stories of events in the life of women. The first one, Battle Dress, is about making a stand against abuse or manipulation. The hand symbolizes help from others or friending yourself, sharing your story.  Here you can see one I've done with my own poetry written inside. Handwriting and stamps are elements I have continued to work with since my earliest art-making may be also inspired by the large collection of Asian art and its hand-painted screens at my hometown art museum. I always enjoyed the graphic and pieced quality of art that was beautiful, utilitarian in some way, and also told a story with words and symbols. Funny I called these window dresses in my sketchbook and here is the first showing on Main Street at Buttonwood Art Space in Kansas City, MO. I didn't expect the dress series to evolve into a mannequin and then into a fashion show entry at Scraps KC.

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